A GPT AI Powered Digital Assistant

which transforms how work is done!

which transforms
how work is done!

We’ve made GPT AI Enterprise Friendly!

A Digital Assistant that Understands your Company

Ask MiA empowers your workforce to instantly receive answers to any question and generate customised content by leveraging the information in your internal company documents/knowledge repository.

Your Company Data
Kept Secure

Our proprietary Ask MiA Engine is deployed within your own Microsoft Azure environment, and your data is encrypted at rest (Azure Service Managed keys) and in-transit (TLS 1.2).

• Your data will not be used to train any AI models
• We are ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified

Scalable Deployment Mechanism

Ask MiA makes deployment a breeze by working with platforms you know and offering intuitive tools.

  • Natively connects with your Microsoft Sharepoint and One Drive, or by integration with other Knowledge Repositories
  • Dedicated Admin Panel with Easy Bulk User Management
  • Single Sign On for convenience

You Decide Who
Accesses What

With customised viewing permissions, Ask MiA only generates responses for your employees based on information they are authorised to access.

Built-in Insights to
elevate your
Knowledge Management Practice

Continuously improve your knowledge dissemination efficiency based on insights from the Ask MiA Dashboard, and employee feedback on response accuracy.

Do you have a specific Knowledge-Based process

Do you have a specific
Knowledge-Based process

that you want to streamline?

Custom Solutions
Powered by GPT AI

With our expertise working with GPT AI, we can develop a solution to suit any scenario related to knowledge dissemination and use: Be it for Project Management, Sales Optimisation, a Customer-Facing Concierge or anything in-between.

Reach out to find out more.

The power to make workplace and workforce decisions faster