Smart Analytics

to envision the future

MiHCM combines Machine Learning techniques to deliver Smart Analytics on Workforce & Talent Data by connecting and sourcing data from historic data points and surfacing insights as coherent stories.

Leave Patterns

Leveraging past data on leave types and leave days, we present comprehensible leave utilisation patterns.

Never let Absenteeism interrupt
your business!

Get your HR and Team Leads to count on the absenteeism analytics of MiHCM to envisage Trends in absenteeism and absenteeism predictions.

Employee Turnover
is no longer your business fall over

Have invaluable insights in hand to analyse employee turnover in your business. MiHCM delivers turnover trends & predictions, and attributes influencing employee turnover.

Now enjoy the power to PREDICT your Workforce

Let’s predict the performance of your workforce during the upcoming cycle, while visualising performance based on demographics and firmographics.

The power to make workplace and workforce decisions faster